10-minute vegan tacos: a weeknight dinner made fun

This recipe for vegan tacos is awesome for when you’re feeling creative but don’t have too much time on your hands.

Ingredients (serves 2 people)

  • 1 large leek
  • 1 large red, yellow or orange pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 tsp of dry yellow mustard
  • 1 tsp of curry
  • 1 tsp of dry ginger
  • Herbs of choice
  • 1 tbsp EVOO

Prep time 

  • 5 minutes

Cooking time

  • 5 minutes

Total (prepping + cooking)

  • 10 minutes


  • Cut the leek in two at its base, separating the white part from the green hulls. Then set the hulls aside.
  • Wash the white leek part, along with the pepper, and then peel the onion.
  • Slice everything thinly. Sauté on medium heat with spices, herbs and EVOO for 5 minutes.
  • In the meantime, separate the raw green hulls, then wash them thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel.
  • Let the sautéed veggies sit for a minute or two. This will allow the spice-flavored juices to flow.
  • Scoop 2 tbsp of veggies into each hull and let the tacos sit for a few minutes.
  • Top tacos with chia or sprouts of choice.
  • Serve with a salad or a mix of tossed, fresh greens.

Of special notice

  • These vegan tacos double perfectly as a quick, cool and fun appetizer.
  • Any veggie that can be sautéed will do. Go wild!
  • A chilled grass of Pinot Grigio or Pecorino wines are the perfect companions to this light and easy dinner.
Michelle Calcatelli

Michelle Calcatelli

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