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Planting – the no.1 rule to go by

It’s finally springtime again – and any terrace, pot or garden needs to be spruced up with new additions to the produce family. And in what better way than by planting your own seeds?

With this in mind, the girls and I decide to go on a seed hunt. We eat a few cucumbers and pick the seeds out of the center (yes, it’s THAT easy to harvest these!). We trade our excess lavender seeds at the farmer’s market for zucchini seeds. Once home, we spend the afternoon planting in large pots, since our garden is already full of seedlings.

We’re newbies in terms of cucumbers and zucchini, so we follow my grandparents’ three general rules:

1. make sure that all seeds are well-spaced when planted – about a palm one from the other;

2. ensure soil receives full sunlight, and

3. water once in the early morning during spring, twice during summer (early morning and early evening).

We follow these rules to the letter and spend the following week waiting in excitement for little green heads to pop up. Unfortunately, we end up not seeing much for a whole ten days. We feel a little discouraged, especially since radishes, beets and tomatoes never leave us pining this long!

We eagerly start wondering whether we’ve watered too much, not watered enough, used poor soil. Almost to the point of wanting to dig the seeds back out and ask them why the seem to “work” for everybody but us.

We have just decided to give the seeds a two day “deadline” when – suddenly, the next morning.. We wake up to one, two, three little sprouts! Our spirits soar, our hearts explode with happiness, the grin on the girls’ faces is memorable. We start dancing around the garden, celebrating the velvety, butterfly-looking mini greens shyly poking through the earth.

When we (finally) calm down, we know we’ve learned our lesson. The one major rule to go by when sowing, irregardless of where or what we plant.

Let It All Be.

Seeds are all different, they are all unique – like people. They do their own thing in their own time. Just think of how much energy the tiny seed is putting forth to unleash the powerful life it has inside. Think of its innate desire to see the light. A desire so strong that it makes it spring open and push its way through the heavy soil to finally join the world.

Get excited when it does.

Be proud of yourself, too. Because it is you that has given this being the love, the right home and the kind care to help it live. To help life beget more life.

And, above all, be happy. You’ve released goodness to the world.

Michelle Calcatelli

Michelle Calcatelli

Hi there! My name is Michelle. I'm an American living in Italy, mom of two girls, a lover of travel, music and good food shared with loved ones. I am a freelance grant writer and a former agricultural development practitioner, having worked mostly in rural Africa for 18 years. I look forward to creating a space here - with your help - where we can exchange dreams, ideas and kindness to start shaping a better tomorrow.

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